Meditation Minute – Managing Change (Action-No Action)

Lots of effort might have been going into managing change. The last few Meditation Minutes were about taking some action on your resistance to change. Writing down your observations, making active brainstorms for different ways to think about things, and practicing responding to your life in different ways. I hope you had some success in your practice.

Today, the meditation is about not doing anything. Every message I have received from my guides in the past few days tells me that we can’t always take action to make things happen. Sometimes all we can do is be patient and practice observation. Detachment is an important piece of this. It is about stepping away from yourself and your life metaphorically, not literally. As things happen around you, and inside of you, pull a piece of yourself away and become an objective observer. We are back to that noticing piece we started with, but don’t add any action to it. Just notice, be aware, watch and relax.

From this place of observance, you don’t need to try to change what you feel  or think or what is happening. You just need to watch it from a detached perspective. Become the observer of the movie that is your life. From that vantage point, you can gain enormous perspective on things. Watch as you get angry, why, and for how long. Don’t try to do anything about it, just watch it. Notice what is causing it and try to detach from it. It is back to the beginning, of noticing, but try to pull back any agenda you may have had for how  you need to be different, or what is wrong with being angry. Detached observance means no judgement. Just watch it.

It’s not wrong to actively try to change your thoughts or emotions. Sometimes that is exactly what is needed. For an action to take to try to change how you are responding check the previous post. Today though, every message I am receiving says it is time to observe and not try to do anything about it. I am sure that message is meant for more than just me today. When you observe without judgement, there is only love and compassion for the part of you that you are watching.

Mantra for Meditation: Today I observe myself and become aware of what I think, feel and experience on a deeper level. I see clearly who and what I am. I don’t judge myself. Instead I offer myself love and compassion.