Meditation Minute – Appreciation

Today the focus is gratitude. Sometimes it is easy to be grateful. We can look around and see everything that is awesome in our lives and be grateful for how lovely life is. Other times we struggle to even find one thing to be grateful for. Being grateful is a skill like any other. It takes practice and intention. It is about focus of energy.

What you focus your energy on, is what you see. What you see is what you have. If what you see is abundance, that is what you have, regardless of your circumstances. People who seem to have everything sometimes only see what they do not have. People who seem to have nothing, or very little, sometimes feel like they have so much.

The difference is not in how much each of those people have in terms of stuff, health, intelligence, money, fame, relationships, etc.. It is not ever about how much anyone has. We always have what we need, always. Even if it is hard to see why we need the things we have, and don’t need the things we do not have. That is what is. If we are supposed to have more, we will. If we are supposed to have less, we will.

Gratitude is not about focusing your energy so that you can bring more abundance into your life. It is about noticing the abundance you already have. Life is what life is. Suffering in it is a choice. Being grateful is a choice. When we are grateful for the abundance we have, we see it, and we are open to seeing more of it. More doesn’t come because we see it. It will come or not based on what is supposed to be, but we might not notice what’s coming if we focus on what isn’t, what shouldn’t, what can’t, etc. See abundance, have abundance. Be grateful for it.

Mantra for today: I see the abundance all around me in my life. I choose gratitude for all that I am, all that I have, and all that is yet to come.