The Power Source and Signal Tower

If we are to achieve our best life, we need to be in it right now. That means, not looking backward over our shoulder to our past. That means, not holding onto our perceptions, feelings, thoughts, judgements etc. from our past. The past is gone. They future has not arrived. We are now. You cannot achieve a life in your future. You cannot achieve a different life in your past. You can only have your best life right now.

Everything is energy. Everything! You are energy. Your past is energy. Your future is energy. Your now is energy. Managing our energy is the only way to manage our lives successfully. Our brains are electrical. As we think, we produce an electrical charge. Interestingly, our hearts are mini-brains that also produce a similar energy that turns out to be magnetic. That is information from Dr. Joe Dispenza. He and the Heart Map Institute have studied this effect. Put the two together and you have an electro magnetic energy source. Electro magnets can power machines and cities. They can also create destruction. For humans, managing our electro magnetic energy field is key to creating our best life.

As we think, so we feel. As we feel, so we think. We are often in a loop on this. I ask my students all of the time, “Do your thoughts come first or your feelings?” I get all sorts of answers. Reality is, in the beginning, the thought was first. Over time, the thoughts are all just there, never leaving, always present, and so the feelings in response to them seem to be before them. We stopped noticing our thoughts that stay with us in the background all day, and think that the strong emotion we feel out of the blue, just happened. It didn’t. It was triggered by at thought, albeit a sometimes subconscious thought. Here’s the kicker though. That emotion the thought produced, it will trigger another thought. Usually one that reinforces both the original thought and the resulting emotion. That thought produces emotions, which then reinforce the thought, and so on in a never-ending loop.

If this loop is composed of elevated thoughts and emotions, it powers up our electro magnetic field. If it is composed of lower thoughts and emotions, it will power down the field. Think of it like  the power or signal bars on a cell phone. When you are plugged in to a power source, or close to a signal tower, the bars go up. When you use your phone off the charger, or are far away from a signal tower, the bars go down. Elevated emotions like joy, love, confidence, gratitude, hope, etc. combined with elevated thoughts that life is great, people are good, I have enough, I can achieve, I deserve this, etc. plug you into the power source and the signal tower. Emotions like anger, hate, self-doubt, frustration, disgust, disappointment, sadness, etc. combined with thoughts that life sucks, I am lacking in something, I am unworthy, I can’t do this, people are stupid, etc. use energy and drive you farther away from the signal tower.

The power source and the signal tower are the universal energy of life and  your higher self . We are the universal energy of life, or at least the combination of us all is. When I say, “us all,” I mean all beings and matter existing in the 3 dimensional world and all beings and matter existing in all other dimensions of the universe. That is one of the reasons that the energy of this planet is sinking. Our collective energy focus on this planet is on lower, draining, thoughts and emotions. We are constantly disconnecting from the power source and signal tower of life. This is not an individual situation. Our planet as a whole is disconnected. We are draining our planet without recharging. Our higher self is also us. It is our connection to the universal field of energy. Our higher self is our guide to being our best self. It is our signal tower our connection to the power grid.

On a personal level, if you are living in a state of stress, you are draining your own energy by focusing on lower level thoughts and emotions of what you perceive as real. All possibilities exist in the universe. The things you spend your time worrying about are only one possibility. Other possibilities also exist. Unlimited possibilities exist. Your best life possibility exists! Remember, where your attention goes, so goes your energy, so goes your life. Focus on lower energy thoughts and emotions, so goes your life. Focus on elevated emotions and thoughts, so goes your life.

Example, you worry about getting fired. You fear you are not valued or good enough, that people do not like you, and/or your work has no meaning. Those lower thoughts and emotions drain your energy. You stop putting in the same effort in your job that you were. Those lower emotions are causing stress which turns on your genes for disease so you get sick all of the time and miss work. Every person you see or connect with at work and then at home is a threat, and so you are on the defense, and respond to the people in your life defensively. You are being exactly the person you fear you will be seen as, someone who could get fired. If you instead focus on how the circumstances of your job, whatever they are, are an opportunity for growth. Focus on what sort of person you want to be in the world, regardless of what job you have or company you work for. If you become the person you believe people will value, see as good enough, and make the most meaning out of the work you have to do, the energy of your life will change. You will have more energy. You will work harder, turn on your genes for healing and wellness, so miss less workdays for unplanned reasons. Have more days for real vacations to relax. Also, if you desire a different job and think that in a different job you would be valuable and happy, if you are currently being  valuable and happy, you will be more closely aligned with the energy of a different job that creates value and makes you happy. So when it comes along, you will notice it, it will notice you, and you will attract it. When that awesome job comes along, if you are miserable, it is less likely you will notice the opportunity and your potential to be in that job, and even less likely that job will notice you and be attracted to you.

In the universal field of energy, there are endless possibilities for your best life. Your best life is not one thing or one way. That is the blessing! To attract your best life, you need only reach out and be in it, and it will continue to grow and be attracted to you, getting better and better all of the time. You are a magnet. The power of your magnetic self is in what kind of energy you are producing, and so, the kind of energy are you attracting. It’s about maintaining your connection to the power source of the universal energy field by staying connected to your higher self who is your guide to your best you.

I think we sometimes think we know what we want to change or what kind of job we want or how that will happen or not happen. We might think we will never get what we want because we don’t have it. Look around you. What do you have that you have wanted? Can you truly say you have nothing you wanted? If that is true, what have you been telling the universe you want?

I have often thought I would like tons of money, millions or billions of dollars. That may or may not happen, though I did enter Publisher’s Clearing House for a while. When I really started to meditate and think about why I wanted that money, it was so I did not need to worry about money, then I realized, that I had stopped worrying about money a long time ago. I have lost all of my money before. Been homeless, in over my head in debt, and alone with no friends. A kind person who was not a friend, but someone I connected with when we worked together, took me in. My parents helped me with some money, and I started to rebuild my life. You know what I learned, money was not a problem. In all of that time, I always had what I needed. In my whole life, I have always had exactly what I needed. I stopped worrying about money. I do sometimes spend more than I think I should, and then I can pull back and work on recovering. I do still invest in a retirement plan too, but I cannot spend time worrying about money. It does not serve my energy level to do that. I know I will be okay because the universe wants me to be. That doesn’t mean I won’t go through some stuff to get there, but it will be okay, no matter what. My worst case scenario about money is, I have to ask for help, and you know what, I can absolutely do that.

One of the other reasons I wanted so much money is to take care of my family and friends. I have also learned that if I take care of them, then they might not learn to take care of themselves, and that isn’t actually a good thing. I also realized that they always have what they need for their life and experiences too. Sometimes I do have money to share, and when I do, I share it, because that is something that is a value of mine. I do not worry that if I share it, I will be lacking something later. I know I will not ever have less than I need. Money always comes back to me.

Do I need millions and billions of dollars to feel secure about my money, resources and safety? I do not. That doesn’t necessarily mean something won’t happen so that I do end up with that money, but I am safe, secure, and have everything I need right now. Those thoughts and feelings produce a specific kind of energy. That energy is more likely to attract wealth than an energy of, “there is never enough, and what I have needs to be protected so I always have enough.” That is energy of fear, lack and even greed, on some levels. I cannot attract the kind of wealth I am looking to find with that kind of energy. Even if I did, I would still not feel safe or secure because I would be in fear of losing it again.

Perhaps, you are not the kind of person who feels they are focused on lower thoughts and emotions. That you are not in a constant state of stress and are pretty happy, but are still not attracting what you want. I am such a person at times. Then, I pay attention to my daily thoughts and comments, and I notice something. I can be petty and judgmental. I am not a mean person, but I do judge people. I think that is human nature. Any human who says they do not judge other people is probably lying. We all do it. That does not mean we are all horrible people though. Thinking someone is awesome is as much a judgment as thinking they suck. What I catch myself doing is judging people harshly sometimes. That is a lower energy reaction to life. I am also human, so occasionally responding to life in a negative way is expected, but when I notice I am doing it, I then watch what happens in response. The response is always more lower energy, negativity, harsh judgments. Not necessarily from me, but sometimes from others. Sometimes at me, sometimes at the same person I am judging, and that can be hard. I started it, so now what? I try not to be too hard on myself. I am practicing not being that kind of person, but it does take practice and I am human, which means I was conditioned to judge people harshly. Most of us are conditioned that way. Our society is just like that. Watch TV sometime if you doubt me. Every commercial and most shows, involve judgmental people being hard on each other. Then there are the movies we watch. It is all programming and training us to be like that. To think that we are not good enough, there is never enough resources to go around, and all people suck. Okay, that is a harsh judgment about media, but if you watch it, there is a ton of exactly what I said, maybe it’s not all that way, but a lot of it is. Just be careful what you take in. It might be creating a reality for you that is not actually what you want.

The bottom line is staying connected to the power source and signal tower of your life with elevated emotions and thoughts is the key to attracting the kind of life you want. Be who you think you will be if you had everything you wanted. That is the person who will be in alignment with what you want, not a person who is dissatisfied with their life. They are in alignment with their unsatisfying life. Be the life you want to attract, then you will notice opportunities, and opportunities will notice you, and they will come. Being your best self is who you are meant to be. What are the thoughts and emotions you think your best self will have when they get everything you want. Start feeling and thinking them right now. What have you got to lose? If you want something different, you have to do something different. Being your old self hasn’t been working right? So, be different, think different, feel different, and you will attract a different life. We’ll talk more about what steps to take to do this in the next post.