Chakra Healing

See blog post named Chakras for more detailed information on the main 7 Chakras centers.

This exercise is designed to support the healing and flow of Chakra energy. Many things can contribute to stuck energy, and that stuck energy can lead to some undesired side effects, like illness, pain, anxiety, depression etc.. Most blocked Chakra energy is caused by patterns and attachments to those patterns. We have patterns of doing things, thinking things, saying things etc.. Those patterns have worn grooves into our brain and energy centers causing blocks. We can wear new patterns though. Most of the time, when we get into a pattern, it is something we hold onto, attach to, do not let go. When working to change the groove, we are changing it to a pattern of draw in, release out, so that nothing gets stuck. We are not attempting to attach to a new pattern that we hold onto.

This is a meditation practice to support getting the flow going or to enhance the energy flow within each Chakra area. It involves 4 parts. That might seem overwhelming. If it is, try doing a couple of the parts until you are comfortable with them, then add in more if you like.

In addition to these parts, you can find Chakra specific healing tones and music on YouTube, Amazon Music app., and probably any other music app. I like the ones from Spiritual Moment. Playing this in the background while doing the other things can be helpful, but not necessary.

Your mind may wander from any of the parts below. That is normal and okay. You may get clear insight on something that grabs your attention. That is okay. It will come back to you when you need it. Don’t try to hold onto it. Just notice it and let it go, then refocus on the meditation.

Doing all Chakras in one sitting can be done, but is not recommended. Do one for a few days or a week, then move to the next.

Key point: Do not attempt to hold onto or attach to the Breath, the energy ball, the mantra or energy from the hand position. Always release the energy out when complete.
Part 1: Breathing

All meditation involves breathing. This one is no different. Begin by finding your comfortable position and then focusing on your breath. You will be directing it to different parts of your body, to your Chakras, so play with it a bit and breath into different areas of your body with intention. When you breathe in, imagine breathing in energy. When you breath out, imagine breathing out energy. Do not try to hold onto the energy. If you find yourself doing that, it’s okay, just release it at that time.

Part 2: Visualization

As you breath in and out visualize a colored ball of light swirling around the Chakra area you are focusing on. For example, if you are focusing on the Root Chakra, visualize a red ball of swirling energy. As you breath in, imagine that red ball of like swirling and growing around your Root Chakra. As you breathe out, imagine that ball of light leaving your body. You can imagine it leaving the top of your head, or just leaving your body from all around. Imagine that energy connecting with the entire energy of the universe. When you breathe in again, draw it back in with the added energy of the universe to fill and heal that Chakra.

Part 3: Mantra

While breathing in and out say silently or out loud (speaking and breathing can be hard, so in your head is fine), say the mantra that corresponds to the Chakra area you are focused on. Mantras are below.

  1. Root – “I am safe, strong, supported and abundant.”
  2. Sacral Chakra – “I am passionate, beautiful, and the creator of my reality.”
  3. Solar Plexus -“I am capable and worthy of pursuing my passion and purpose.”
  4. Heart – “I am love, I give love, I am open to love.”
  5. Throat – “I am in alignment with my truth. I speak with clarity and intention, and listen with openness.”
  6. Third Eye – “I am in connection with my spirit, and I trust my intuition.”
  7. Crown – “I am one with the divine. I honor the divine within and around me.”
Part 4: Mudras or Hand Yoga

This is an added bonus. There is a healing hand position for each Chakra. The details of how to perform them are below. There is also a great website with photos of them if you want more information, attached.

Here are the basics for them though. Basically you hold the hand position while you do parts 1-3 as long as you can. They are easy to do, but harder to hold. When done with the meditation or when you cannot hold them anymore, release them and the energy they bring fully.

7 Mudras to Unlock Your 7 Chakras

Root (Muladhara)

Muladhara Mudra

The Root Chakra is the foundation for the other chakras, with emphasis on survival and grounding.

  • Color: Red
  • Mantra: LAM
  • Element: Earth

Bring your palms together in a prayer at your heart, then interlace the pinky and ring fingers so they fold inside of the palms. Extend the middle fingers so the tips touch and then interlace the thumbs and index fingers so they form rings around each other, with the fingertips touching.

Optional: Flip this mudra upside down and lower your arms slightly, so the middle fingers are pointed downward at your pelvic region.

Sacral (Svadhisthana)

Shakti Mudra

This feminine mudra works to harness sexuality and sensuality.

  • Color: Orange
  • Mantra: VAM
  • Element: Water

With your palms in front of your chest, press your pinky and ring fingertips together. Fold your thumbs into your palms, inside of your index and middle finger. You can then press the knuckles of these two fingers together (pictured) or keep them separate.

Optional: Lower the hands to just below the navel.

Solar Plexus (Manipura)

Rudra Mudra

This mudra brings forth the power of Shiva, the Hindu god of all yogis.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Mantra: RAM
  • Element: Fire

Place your palms face up on your thighs. Touch the tips of the thumbs, index and ring fingers together, straightening through the pinky and middle fingers.

Heart (Anahata)

Padma Mudra

This lotus-inpired mudra calls forth new possibilities and invites in love.

  • Color: Green
  • Mantra: YAM
  • Element: Air

With your palms at your heart, touch the outer edges of both pinky fingers and thumbs together. Keep the heels of the palms pressed together as you blossom open through your hands. Extend through the tips of all 10 fingers.

Throat (Vishuddha)

Granthita Mudra

You can use this mudra at your throat to help clear the way for expression of your authentic self.

  • Color: Light Blue/Turquoise
  • Mantra: HAM
  • Element: Sound/Music

Interlace your last three fingers (middle, ring and pinky) together inside of your hands. Interlock the index fingertips and thumbs to form two rings and hold this mudra in front of the base of your throat.

Third Eye (Ajna)

Mudra of the Great Head

To tap into the wisdom and power of your intuition, use this mudra to channel deep into your third eye.

  • Color: Dark Blue/Purple
  • Mantra: AUM
  • Element: Light

Take your right hand just in front of the space between your eyebrows and curl the ring finger into your palm. Bring the tips of the thumb, middle and index finger to touch and keep the pinky finger extended long. Place the tips of the three fingers that are touching to your third eye focal point. The left hand can remain on top of the left thigh, palm face up or in Gyan mudra.

Crown (Sahasrara)

Mudra of A Thousand Petals

Holding this mudra high above your head can open the gateway to universal consciousness, divinity and transcendence.

  • Color: Violet/White
  • Mantra: Silence
  • Element: Divine Consciousness

Place the tips of your index fingers and thumbs together to touch, forming a pyramid shape. Allow the remaining fingers to extend upward, keeping them straight. Raise this mudra to about 6-7 inches above the crown of your head.


Please let us know if you have feedback on this exercise.


Soul Team